Four Channel Lighting Module

Four Channel Lighting Module
Four Channel Lighting Module

Product Description : 

  • First and only Z-wave 4 channel Relay Module with this size and features
  • Smallest Z-wave 4 channel relay module in India (49mm*49mm*17mm)
  • Time tested, has been there in the market for last 4 years
  • 4 independent circuits can be controlled
  • Mux capability to control heavy appliances
  • Supports neutral looping. Controls 2 way switch
  • Supports smart start


Product Specifications : 

Power Input

110-240 VAC, 50 Hz

Max Load on Relay-per Channel (*4)

LED-max 150W 

Incandescent-max 1000W

Inductive-max 200W

Fan-1 per Channel On/Off Control only

Cumulative Load-Channels muxed

24A(3*8A-For AC/Geyser);8A(1*8A)

Operating temperature

-10 to +35 ℃

Relative Humidity

8-80 RH



RF frequency

856.22 MHz for IN

Power consumption

<0.5W no load <0.9W load

Plastic housing

Fire retardant ABS



Product FAQ : 

Q1) How many Channels are there?

A:- 4 Channels, with 8A each Channel


Q2)What type of loads can be connectedoord ?

A:- Incandescent bulls, CFL, LED Lamps, Heaters, Fans, AC, Fridges & other appliances.


Q3)What is the wireless Range?

A:-Up to 30m indoors & Up to 50m Outdoor


Q4)Is there surge protection ?

A:- Yes, 1.2kV surge protection

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