Dual-Channel Dimmer Module

Dual-Channel Dimmer Module
Dual-Channel Dimmer Module

Product Description : 

  • Patent pending Dual channel dimmer from Confio to Dim two circuits
  • Independently dim two phase cut circuit or one phase cut (LEC) and one analog circuit
  • Supports smart start
  • Controls through Bell switches or ON/OFF switches

Product Specifications : 

Power Input

100-240 VAC, 50 Hz, +/- 10%

Max Load

LEC1:250W inductive or resistive load

LEC2:250W inductive or resistive load

PWM LED Dim: Not limited by Dimmer module

Operating temperature

-10 to +65 ℃

Wireless Networking




RF frequency

865.22 MHz for IN

EU/USA Frequency available



Product FAQ :

Q1) How can the curtains be controlled?

A:- Control through App, Remote, Voice


Q2)What type of loads can be connected ?

A:- Incandescent bulls, LED Lamps, etc.


Q3)What is the wireless Range?

A:-Up to 30m indoors & Up to 50m Outdoor


Q4)Is there surge protection ?

A:- Yes, 1.2kV surge protection

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