Product Description:

  • Any device with SDDP is instantly recognized, identified and authenticated by the Control4
  • No drivers need to be downloaded, no complicated programming or configuration of Control4 software is required
  • Control4 driver and certification programs ensure that a wide range of devices integrate efficiently and reliably.
  • It is compatible with Siri, Google Home and Alexa 
  • Certified HDMI with audio and video capability delivers reliable connectivity to today’s televisions and receivers.
  • Control4 App license enables in-home control from iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as PCs. A 4Sight subscription enables remote access and control from virtually anywhere.
  • Instantaneous, intuitive control from a touch screen, remote, or TV on-screen navigator.
  • Next-generation core and ZigBee processors deliver a new level of speed and performance.

Product Specifications: 

Model Name

EA-1 V2

EA-1 V2 PoE

EA-3 V2

EA-5 V2


EA-1 V2: - 29*191*127mm

EA-1 V2 PoE: -29*191*127mm

EA-3 V2: -31*221*149mm

EA-5 V2: -44*444*258mm

Power Requirements

EA-1 V2: -240V AC, 60/50 Hz

EA-1 V2 PoE: -PoE+

EA-3 V2: -240V AC, 60/50 Hz or PoE+

EA-5 V2: -240V AC, 60/50 Hz


 Product FAQ: 


Q1) How many types of Controllers are there?

A: - 6


Q2) How many devices can be connected?

A: -

  •         EA-1 V2: - Up to 30 devices
  •         EA-1 V2 PoE: - Up to 30 devices
  •         EA-3 V2: - Up to 50 devices
  •         EA-5 V2: - Up to 200 devices


Q3) Is there surge protection?

A: -Yes


Q4) What are the internal storage?

A: -

  •         EA-1 V2: - 8GB shared with OS
  •         EA-1 V2 PoE: - 8GB shared with OS
  •         EA-3 V2: - 8GB shared with OS
  •         EA-5 V2: - 8GB shared with OS

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