Celeste Touch Switches

Celeste Touch Switches
Celeste Touch Switches
Celeste Touch Switches
Celeste Touch Switches

Product Description:

  • 4 single touch surfaces OR 2 single touch surfaces
  • Each button supports long press and short press
  • Integrated Scene Sequence
  • Multi colour LED backlight
  • Custom Engraving Possible
  • Scenes-enable a single button to send different commands to different devices.
  • Makes several different things happen at the same time.
  • It is a Z-wave 4-gang touch switch that is used for 8 individual scene controls and a 2-gang touch switch that is used for 4 individual scene controls.
  • It saves time and consumes too much power.

Product Specifications: 


85 V AC - 440 V AC, 50 Hz

Maximum circuit control (ON/OFF)

4 circuit control

Operating Temperature

-10  to + 85 ℃


3.15” *3.15” *0.31”

Wireless Frequency

865.22 MHz for IN


 Product FAQ: 

Q1) How does it work?

A: - By single tap and double tap each button supports 2 scenes.

 Q2) What is the No. of Quadrants available?

A: - 2 or 4 quadrants

Q3) What is the wireless Range?

A:-Up to 30m indoors & Up to 50m Outdoor


Q4)Is there surge protection ?

A:- Yes, 6kV surge protection


Q5) What are the benefits of motion sensors?

A: -Easy Scene Creation, Easy of Install, Can Control through App

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