Product Description:

  •  A unique and innovative product with combined features of Gateway and Video Doorbell
  • ASTA-Pro is an integrated solution, no need to buy Gateway separately
  • A value for money product with security and home automation Gateway
  • ASTA-Pro has all the features of ASTA-Gateway and ASTA-Doorbell

Product Specifications: 

Power Input

AC 110-240V

Operating temperature

-20 to +50 ℃

Wireless Networking

Z-wave, Wi-Fi




Vertical: 145 degrees

Horizontal: 80 degrees

Wireless Frequency

865.22 MHz for IN, 2.4 GHz


Product FAQ: 

Q1) What all ASTA-Pro controls?

A: - It controls complete Home Safety, Security, Lighting, External Bell Triggering and Comfort


Q2) How can it be controlled?

A: - It controls via intuitive App, Remote or voice by Integration with Alexa or Google Home or IFTTT


Q3) How many devices can be connected?

A: - 60 Devices


Q4) Is there surge protection?

A: -Yes, 1.2kV surge protection


Q5) What are the benefits of ASTA-Pro?

A: -Push notification, Security, Easy Scene Creation, Easy of Install, Motion Capture, SD Card Recording, Video Call Alert, Night visi

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Wireless Configuration 

No cost of the internal wiring is required When our whole system is wireless.

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