Top 10 Best Ways to Control Home Automation System

home automation system

Home automation system becoming more and more common these days. Many benefits come with using a automation system. The most important benefit, however, is security. This may sound strange. This is for those who have not set up their home automation system. But it is true. Think of having your lights turned off, or your doors opened if you use your voice commands. This could provide added protection from hackers. Or other Internet-connected devices that do not want you to be in control of what they do.

1. Remote Control

The term “remote control” originates from the early years of radio technology. The first remote controllers for radio were often literally a long-range control device with a wire antenna.  It requires a line-of-sight operation. And capable of transmitting on all frequencies used. You can use it to operate nearby devices. Such as lights or fans. Eventually, the meaning was to include any device that controls something distant. This is either over wires or some form of wireless communication.

2. Voice Control

Voice control allows users to give commands and instructions to electronics. Such as phones and computers. This is by using their voice. This way, users can issue instructions hands-free.  And still, use their hands for other activities. Using a variety of different words. These are phrases that use trigger a response from the device. The user can tell their device what they want without touching it.

Possibly the coolest technology out there. Voice control provides users with a hands-free way to control their electronics.  For example, when you hear the word “Alexa,” your voice becomes part of the command. This is to play music on Amazon Echo speakers. At the same time, voice control is still only in its infancy. There are already some cool features about it. All make use of natural human language and its versatility.

3. Wireless Home Control

Home automation system is quickly becoming the upcoming big thing. More and more people are turning to Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant and smart home devices. These all control their lights, televisions, temperature, security systems and other devices in the home. Wireless controls are preferable over a remote or hardwired option for many individuals.

4. Home Control Panel

A home control panel is a system. It remotely controls various aspects of one’s home, such as temperature, lighting, locks, security cameras and more.

This is an excellent option for saving on their energy bills. Or want to be able to use their phone or tablet to make any changes they may need. It will touch upon the many different types of systems available also, what you can expect from the installation process. This has become a beneficial option for homeowners. For those who want something that can provide them with peace of mind.

5. Smartphone

Do you know anyone who is not using a smartphone? It’s hard to imagine! I’d guess it would be harder to find someone without a fridge. Plenty of people confuses smartphones with cellphones.

The smartphone is the most personal communication device in history. It’s the one device that has replaced many other components of your life. Seamlessly connecting you to people, information, and entertainment all at once. A smartphone allows you to carry a mobile version of yourself with you wherever you go. Technology has allowed us to create devices.

6. IR Controller

 We all want to be in control of our homes.  We want to enjoy the comfort and convenience that come with automation. Now you can take control of your home with an IR Controller device. With IR Controller, you can turn on and off your lights, security system, TV or any other appliance from your smartphone or tablet. You can even schedule programs remotely without having to sacrifice hours on the couch.

7. Arduino Based Home Control System

An Arduino based home control system is an application of the Arduino platform. It enables users to control and monitor various elements within their home environment remotely.

The system has motion detectors, environmental sensors, and door/window contacts. Wired or wireless controllers program these sensor readings. The gateway also controls devices. Such as remote-controlled power outlets from anywhere from your smartphone or tablet.  This is when you are not at home.

8. Arduino Based Home Automation System

The Arduino is a small controller board. Works by professional programmers alike. It has been more than six years. So it’s a relatively mature technology used worldwide. However, this platform was created for amateur hackers.  It has become a mainstream device. This is you can use now for educational purposes as well. The Arduino you can use to learn about many scientific fields. From computer science to electronics and robotics. Because of its use, there are many applications.

9. Bluetooth Remote Home Automation

When you come home from work every day, the last thing you want to do is jump through to get your home automated. But the cost of doing this on your own can be expensive! Not to mention, there are many less reliable options out there too. Fortunately for us, Bluetooth remote home automation is available now. And it’s affordable. These simple devices allow you not only to operate appliances.  But also make controlling them easier and more fun with wireless technology. This lets you control them remotely.

10. Digital Control System

The digital control system is the most modern way to make things work. It calculates which tasks you need to complete in order. It provides instructions for each activity. And then monitors the data created.

In-home automation, a digital control system monitors. It also controls the condition of your HVAC against changes in temperature and other factors. So heat is not wasted. An HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) system should have a digital controller in most home automation. This is to monitor its performance from start-up to shutdown. So it can adjust automatically as needed.


The post mentioned above describes smart home automation and its 10 easy ways. Hope this helped you to understand every aspect of this and get the best out of it.


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