Open Source Home Automation Platforms & Strategies For Beginners

open source home automation platforms

Best open source home automation platforms that will be available in 2021. With this information, you can decide which interface will work best for your home.  You can expect integration with Amazon Alexa, Google Home Assistant, Apple HomeKit and more.

Is Automation Anywhere Open Source?

Open source home automation platforms are the process of controlling various aspects of a building or structure’s systems through remote or automatic means. Depending on the products and systems installed in the property, products and services that fall into the home automation category include:

Security: Everything from door locks to video surveillance and intrusion detection systems.

Lighting: Including dimmers and other types of lighting controllers. Also, smart bulbs.

HVAC: Automatic temperature controls for AC units, smart thermostats or HVAC control panels.

Media & Entertainment: This includes televisions, music, computers and more.

On-Board Computing: This includes everything from refrigerators and electric car charging stations.

What Are The Best Big Names In The Home Automation Industry?

The latest brand in the open source home automation platforms industry is Sonos, where you can find high-end products such as Sonos Play1, Sonos Play3 and Sonos Play5, to name a few. Another major brand is Logitech, which has two main parts to their products. One is the Harmony line of devices, which is completely integrated with Alexa. The other is Harmony Elite, which is used in a variety of ways. It has over 400 customizable control programs and layouts to help you with various aspects of home automation.

Open Source Home Automation Hub

Once you start looking at the rest of the industry, it becomes a bit more difficult to find a single name that is a major player. There are many big names in the home automation industry, including Nest Labs, iRobot, Philips Hue and more. Some of the good products that you can find from these brands include:

Philips Hue: This is one of the most well-known brands of open source home automation hub in the same category as Sonos products. It works with Amazon Alexa via IFTTT integration but can also be controlled by Google Assistant or Apple HomeKit. This type of product runs on your smartphone to help your home control smart devices in your home.

Nest: The brand’s thermostat isn’t designed for automation, but it is a great option when buying a smart thermostat for your home. It has the typical thermostat features, but it is also compatible with HomeKit, Google Assistant and more.

iRobot: The Roomba vacuum is a household name in the United States. It isn’t designed for automation, but it can work with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. For example, you can say “OK Google” or “Alexa” to begin cleaning your house.

What Are The Major Pros And Cons Associated With Using Open Source Home Automation Platforms?

Pros: Using any of open source home automation hub products will allow you to control all of the devices in your home from a single hub or station connected to the Internet. In addition, you will be able to use voice controls with the entire system. In addition, you will be able to install and change devices as you see fit.

Cons: You may or may not be able to use all or some of these products together. Depending on the product and the company behind the product, they may not fully integrate with other products in this category.

How Do You Work With Them? These devices don’t work on their own. They need a platform that can interface your various open source home automation hub and your smartphone or tablet device.

  1. Home Assistant: If you want the best-looking platform to work with, this is pretty much your only choice. It has a colour-based system that users can customize to their own needs. It includes voice control support for Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and more. You will integrate appliances with many common devices within the home automation industry, including Philips Hue lighting systems and Z-Wave products.

2. OpenHAB: This is another great option if you want something that looks good and works well with almost any type of smart device or product you have around your house or building.

3. OpenRemote: If you use another tools for open source home automation, you can connect it to Open Remote via an API. However, this doesn’t come with the best interface. It will be easy to set up, though.

Here are some of the best and latest home automation tools.

Contact companies like Sonos directly to find out which systems integrate with their product line. Contact iRobot or Google Assistant directly to see if they can help you decide which products will work with their line of products. Nest and Philips Hue to see if they have a Home Assistant integration or if their products can work with Home Assistant.

What Are The Major Types Of Smart Locks? There are various kinds of smart locks that you can find. Here they are Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Smart Locks: These locks work on a wireless system but allow users to unlock the door using a mobile phone or use a personal tablet or laptop. This type of lock may be compatible system for open source home automation tools with some brands of smoke alarms.

Where Can You Get More Information? Overview of Some Of The Best Options For Your Open Source Home Automation System In 2021.

App-Enabled Smart Locks: These locks can be controlled on a variety of different applications. Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa can control them, depending on the lock you have on your door.

  1. Smart Video Doorbells: This type of lock lets you see who is at your door before you open it.

2. Lock Apps: These are designed for people who have older locks that they want to control using their smartphone or tablet device. Instead of replacing the lock entirely, they can use the app on their device. It will work with most Bluetooth locks, Wi-Fi pads and more.

3. Smart Deadbolts: This is a type of smart lock that works when someone unlocks the door manually. When the door is already being lock it will not unlock automatically.

4. Keyless Locks: This type of lock works when a person uses a key to unlock the door. However, you can use an android phone or tablet device to unlock the door with a password. As long as you own a phone or tablet, you can also use your voice to unlock your door with this lock system.

5. Smart Locks That Use Bluetooth: Many people purchase these locks because they are compatible with smartphones and tablets.


Open source Home automation system will allow vital home functions to be controlled remotely from anywhere in the universe using any device with a good browser with Internet connection.


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