Home Automation System in India

Home Automation System in India

What Developments are Taking Place In Indian Home Automation ?

Home automation system in India is getting more remarkable revolutionary changes. Most of the people are shifting their home to smart home. Smart home automation relies upon the technologies that help monitor the entire home to make it smart enough. Everything can happen if there is an automation system inside your home, from switching the lights to serve dishes in front of you. Sometimes, you may find yourself too tired even to make a move. Can you imagine an entirely automatic system coming at your service? Yes, it is no doubt an amazing choice to make you feel relaxed in no time. Technology automates everything rather than internet service. But, it would help if you had a strong Wi-Fi connection at your home to function the systems properly.

In India, If we get back to the past years, we get to know what exactly people used to believe about the home automation system in India. It was the time when the Home Automation system was called luxurious, for what?. It could be purchased only by the rich and high-class people of our society.

All the equipment were found so costly that middle and lower-class families of the society were generally unable to purchase them. But nowadays, this particular system has been updated and come with several varieties, so that people of any class can afford it. The belief has somewhat been changed that home automation is not only for rich people of our society.

Home Automation is nothing but a system that can be operated or controlled by remote access. Compared to the past few years, Home Automation has reached the next level, where it is not limited to remote control systems but works amazing for security purposes. In addition to this, this works incredibly to save energy, time & money.

Things Can Be Done With Home Automation:

Home automation in India is an amazing technology capable of doing several household activities. Couldn’t believe it? Let’s come to get an idea on the same:

1. Role Of Security Control In Indian Home Automation System:

Generally, the Home Automation system helps you get perfect remote control access inside your house using your mobile or other electronic devices connected with a Wi-Fi network. Using an alarm to wake you up in the morning to sleep at night plays an important role in doing all the activities. Doorbells, windows, curtains, locks, cameras all are well linking in it.

2. Climate Control:

Climate control is a special kind of air conditioner that controls your car’s climate. No matter how bad the condition is outside, no matter how hot it is, this particular air conditioner helps you get comfortable getting into the car. You can relax on your way after a hectic schedule.

3. Lighting Control:

Home smart light control is well known to everyone. Lighting control is a special kind of lighting technology mainly designed for convenience, security and energy efficiency and to brighten up the ambience. Nowadays, you can find different choices of smart lights. Wyze Bulb, Philips Hue white and colour ambience,  Sengled Smart Wi-Fi LED., Ring Solar Pathlight, 6 Lifx Mini, Sengled Smart LED with Motion Sensor, TP-LINK Kasa Filament Wi-Fi Light Bulb are among all.

If you want to install a comprehensive smart automation system in your home, the first cost will be approximately one lack, and it will rise depending on the characteristics of all the equipment you intend to install. The more excellently featured gadget you intend to install, the more pricey it will be. In addition, if you want to incorporate some additional security and automation, the cost for a 2 or 3 BHK flat would be around 3.5 lacks. The more excellent featured device you plan to place, the more it will be expensive. In addition to this, if you want to include some more security structure and other automation, the cost will reach approx. 3.5 lacks for a 2 or 3 BHK apartment.

In some aspects, a first step toward IOT, or Internet of Things, technology is a home automation system, in which an internet connection or a strong Wi-Fi signal manages everything.

These all are not so difficult to understand. Once you start understanding the possibilities of home automation scheduling, you can develop much practical usefulness and creative solutions that will set your life better.

Benefits and Advantages of Home Automation System in India

Have you ever imagined pressing a button and having the drapes of your house’s entrance or window open? What about having a breakfast by issuing a command? Isn’t it wonderful how great it sounds? Yes, it is correct. So, why don’t you give it a try? Everything will go according to plan.  Doesn’t it sound extraordinarily amazing? Yes, it is. So, why don’t you experience it? Everything will work under control.

Now, let’s take a clear look at what else a smart home automation in India system can do :

1. Adjust The Temperature:

What can be even worse than getting back home and bearing an unpleasant temperature? Whether it is cold or hot, if the temperature doesn’t suit your preference, it might push you into intolerance for sure. Therefore, having smart home automation, you can easily set the temperature as per your choice, and it will not take much time to get you your desired temperature.

2. Offers Security Through Security Cameras:

This is the most important device to make your home safer. It protects your home from unwanted people, strangers or even from trespassers. The security cameras work even when you are out home; the funniest thing is that you can monitor your house from the outside and get to know what Is happening around you.

Here, Home automation comes with the best service. 3)Saves time: People nowadays find themselves so busy that they get less time to do many household activities or keep a look at their house. Automation saves your valuable time and increases productivity.

Disadvantages of Home Automation :

  • There are lot more advantages this particular technology has. But every single thing has its negative side. Likewise, the Home automation system in India also has some disadvantages you need to know about.
  • These technology costs are higher that a huge number of people in the society still cannot afford.
  • People may get lazy as technology controls everything.
  • Like many people are unaware of the functioning of the devices, it has security issues that push them into great trouble.
  • Different company apps are connecting to all the smart devices that require a range of permission. Without getting permission, you would not be able to function the settings. So, app security can become big a huge problem.
  • If there is no strong Wi-Fi connection inside your home, none of the devices will work accordingly. So, it would help if you were very careful about all the advantages and disadvantages before placing smart home automation inside your house.


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