Connect Google Home To Bluetooth Speaker

How To Connect and Pair Your Google Home To a Bluetooth Speaker

Connect google home to Bluetooth speaker and see the better performance. There are many Google Home devices out there that do wonders with their sound. They have the best sound with themselves. But then there comes when you want to connect the Google Home devices with your speaker, no matter whether it’s small or large.

So are you the one who is looking for how to pair your Google Home devices to a Bluetooth speaker? Then stick around until the conclusion of the article to learn everything there is to know. Hence, now you don’t have to go anywhere else as you will get your answers in the below article.

Before you start pairing your device, you have the information it to your Google Assistant. It is so because the Google Home device can control playback when default audio players are connected to a Bluetooth speaker. Meanwhile, before pairing, check if your Bluetooth speakers have the version of Bluetooth 2.1 or more than that. Only you will connect it to your Google Home device; if it is, you can go ahead. However, you can connect the Bluetooth speakers to Google Home device, which has less than the version of Bluetooth 2.1 too. But then you should be ready for the consequences further, as they will not be compatible and might lag while playing.

While you are in the pairing mode, start following the given steps.

Steps to Connect Bluetooth Speakers To Google Home Device

Without a doubt, connect google home to Bluetooth speaker. Google Home Device supports the third-party speakers to connect to it or can pair through Bluetooth. It’s just that you have to download Google Home App on your smartphone, and there you go. You will be able to pair your device in just a few minutes. Yes! Then what are you waiting for? Let’s get into it:

  1. Open the Google Home app that you downloaded on your smartphone.
  2. After opening, you will see an option of the device on the main screen. Select the Google Home device that you want to.
  3. On the device’s screen, you will see an option of more on the top right side that will be there in three vertical dots.
  4. Tap Settings to access the device’s setting for the Bluetooth speaker to connect to your speaker.
  5. Check for the available options on paired devices and select the device you want to pair.
  6. Then tap on enable mode so that the device can pair.
  7. Finally, select the speaker that you want to pair, or you can also select the default music speaker if it’s required for you.

Now, on your Bluetooth speaker, you will be able to play audio too. But now, what if you require audio for multiple rooms? Let’s have a look at it.

How to Create a Multi-Room Audio?

It’s not always that you will sit in front of your Google Home device to listen to music. Instead, you will go to your room or dining home, and you are so fond of listening to songs that you can not resist yourself listening to them, no matter in which room you are. There is a solution for that as well. To do so, either you have to connect to multiple Google Home devices or choose which Google Home device you will merge and merge.

Then how does a Bluetooth speaker come in between? Well, that’s not a big deal to connect your Bluetooth speaker to multiple Google Home devices. You have to connect the device with different Bluetooth speakers. It will enable you to listen to the audio through aby corner of your home. Doesn’t it sound cool?

To do so, first, you have to check if all the Google Home devices are on the same wireless network as your smartphone. If yes, then follow the below steps:

  1. Open the Google Home App on your smartphone.
  2. Then on the top right corner, you can see an add button; tap on it.
  3. You will get an option as create speaker group; select it.

After selecting the option, you can add all the speakers you want to give it a name that you would like and don’t forget to save it at the end.

From now on, whenever you want to play audio for your multiple rooms, say OK GOOGLE PLAY AND THEN THE NAME OF THE GROUP on your home page. Not necessarily that you have to go for multi-room audio, of you would still like to listen to your audio from the single Bluetooth speaker. You can follow the same procedure as previously indicated.

Get Away From Experiencing Bad Bluetooth Connection Experience

Many times, you come back from your office, and what you want is your favourite song played on your speaker. But then you start facing issues with the connectivity, and you finally get frustrated. But then it’s not only you who is experiencing these sore of things; there are many.

Many people have reported the same issue saying that they can’t stream the audio from the device properly. Well, anyhow, Google has already mentioned in March that there are issues, and they require some time to fix them.

Nevertheless, make sure that you are using Bluetooth 2.1 or higher to face the same issue. Meanwhile, many people can pair external devices with Google Home and are enjoying it. Even you can be the one who has some awareness before to have a much stable and reliable connection. Thus, you have to set to your playlist and enjoy listening to your favourite songs according to your mood just by saying, OK GOOGLE.


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